Thursday, March 13, 2014

Swami is Expelled from School (Writing)

I. What do you  think Swami might have  thought after he had  left his school? Write down his reflections in a paragraph.
II. Construction of a Narrative

Look at the concluding part of the story.
He restrained the tears that were threatening to rush out, jumped down, and, grasping his books, rushed out, muttering, ‘I don’t care  for your dirty school.’

Now imagine  what happens to Swami after going away from school. Write a narrative which should include dialogues, sensory perceptions etc.,

You may include things such as the following.
  • Swami rushed out from the class
  • His parents asked him what happened at school.
  • His mother looked at the scars on his shoulders.
  • His father wanted him to go to school.
  • Swami did not like to go to school.