Thursday, March 13, 2014

Swami is Expelled from School (Comprehension)

I. Answer  the  following questions.
1. Why do you think  the headmaster entered the class with a flushed face and a hard ominous look?
2. Why did the headmaster send for the peon?
3. “I don’t care for your dirty school.” Why did Swami mutter so?
*4. Do you justify the headmaster’s behaviour? If not, state your reasons.
*5. If you were in Swami’s place, how would you feel?

II. Here are some utterences from the story. Complete the table.
Sl. No.
Sentences spoken by the characters
Who said to whom?
What it shows about the speaker
“Are you not ashamed of coming and sitting there after what you did yesterday?”

“Now say what you know about the rascal on the desk.”   

“Didn’t I see you break the panes?”   

“Don’t beat me, sir. It pains.”   

“Keep standing here on this desk, staring like an idiot, till I announce your dismissal.”   

“I don’t care for your dirty school.” 

III. Work in Groups
Give reasons for Swami’s decision to leave the school:
1. ________________________________________________________
2. ________________________________________________________
3. ________________________________________________________

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