Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Grabbing Everything on the Land (poem) - Glossary, Comprehension

grabbing (v)        : taking with a hand suddenly or roughly
uprooting (v)     : pulling out of the ground
survive (v)           : continue to live despite a dangerous event
dreadful might (n.phr) : terrible power
fed by plates      : pushed by the movements of rock in the earth
potion (n)            : water with a great force or strength
unleashed (v)    : let  loose
shriek (n)             : a loud shout
white horses (n) : waves in the sea or ocean with white tops on them
galloping (adj)   : increasing or spreading rapidly
beasts (n)            : big animals
dissolved (v)      : mixed in water and disappeared
heat (n)                : (here) pressure
crashing (v)         : hitting hard making a noise
crunching (v)      : crushing noisily
tearing apart      : destroying something completely
seeping (v)         : flowing slowly
punch (n)            : a hard hit made with the fist
army (n)               : (here)  a  group  of  hounds  compared  to  the waves  of Tsunami

Answer  the  following questions.
  1. What is the central theme of the poem?
  2. What does the ‘hand’ refer to? Where was the hand born?
  3. Identify the most striking line in the poem.
  4. Describe the damage caused to mankind due to ‘Tsunami’. Locate the words or expressions which tell the fury of ‘Tsunami’.
  5. Why do you think only a few  could understand the meaning of ‘Tsunami’?

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