Tuesday, March 18, 2014

A Long Walk to Freedom (Vocabulary)

I. Tick  ()  the most  appropriate meaning  for  each  of  the  following underlined words.

  1. I was born free.
a.       able to act at will
b.      having personal rights
c.       not subjected to constraints
d.      costing nothing

  1. I was prevented from fulfilling my obligations.
a.       not able to perform
b.      stopped from doing
c.       conditioned to do
d.      forced to do

  1. My freedom was curtailed.
a.       enhanced
b.      lost
c.       reduced
d.      blocked

  1. I was not a virtuous leader.
a.       dignified
b.      law-abiding
c.       well behaved
d.      honest

II. Read  the  following paragraph  carefully. Fill  in  the blanks with  the most appropriate forms of the words in brackets.

Nelson Mandela was an outstanding black ___________ (lead) of South Africa, who  spent  his  life  time  ___________  (fight)  against  racial  ___________ (segregate). He had to spend 30 years of imprisonment to achieve ___________ (free) of the coloured. Finally he ___________ (creation) history when he became the first black man as the President of ___________ (independence) Republic of South Africa. This great leader who has been a source of ___________ (inspire) for millions of freedom lovers in the world was influenced by Mahathma Gandhi, the father of our nation!

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