Tuesday, March 18, 2014

A Long Walk to Freedom - Glossary, Comprehension

inclination (n)    : a feeling that makes a person  to do something
inevitably (adv) : certainly to happen and unable to be avoided or prevented
twilight (adj)      : used to describe a way of life which is characterized by uncertainty
mealie (n)           : maize
illusion (n)           : an idea or belief which is not true
earning my keep (idm) :   doing useful things to live
animate (v)         : make someone more active

Answer  the  following questions.
1. Why is it difficult to fulfil the ‘twin obligations’ in a country like South Africa?
*2. What sort of freedom did Mandela enjoy as a boy? Was it real? Give your opinion.
3. How did Mandela’s understanding of freedom change with age and experience?
4. What does  the  line ‘the oppressed and  the oppressor alike are robbed of  their humanity’ suggest?
5. What relevance does Nelson Mandela’s life have to the present society?
6. “It was this desire . . . that animated my life”, which desire is the narrator referring to?

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