Tuesday, March 18, 2014

A Havoc of Flood (Vocabulary)

Read the following sentence and notice the meaning of the underlined word.
They reached their dwelling places hoping a bright morning the next day.
In this sentence ‘bright’ means ‘full of light’ or ‘shining strongly’ or ‘happy.’

I. Identify  the meaning  of  ‘bright’  in  each  of  the  following  sentences and use them in your own sentences.
  1. I like bright colours.
  2. Tejaswini gave me a bright smile.
  3. Sindu is a bright student.
  4. Yamuna has bright ideas.
  5. This young player has a bright future.
  6. We took rest in a bright room.
II. Several people and things are involved in rescue operations. There is a  description of a flood rescue operation. Complete the concept map given below with the suitable information from the text:

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