Tuesday, March 18, 2014

A Havoc of Flood (Glossary)

basin (n)              : an area of land along a river with streams running down into it
namesake (n)    : same name
dwelling (adj)    : living / residing
gloomy (adj)      : sad
inundate (v)       : cover with water / submerge
enormous  (adj) : extremely large / very big in size or amount
bear the brunt (idm) : to receive the worst effect of a bad situation
heart-rending (adj) : causing grief
frantically (adv) : in uncontrolled emotion due to fear or worry
rescue (v)            : save from danger
tributaries (n)     : a river  or stream that flows into a larger river
breach (v)           : to make a hole or an opening
groping (v)          : searching
pathetic plight    : a  pitiful, difficult  and sad situation
catastrophe (n)   : a sudden disaster that causes many people to suffer
aghast (adj)        : filled with horror and surprise
engulf (v)            : flow over / cover completely / immerse
rejuvenate (v)     : look more lively again
shack (n)              : hut
flimsy (adj)         : weak / feeble
donor  (n)        : a person or an organisation who gives something, especially money or things in charity
beaming (adj)      : cheerful and bright / pleased

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